Kuts 'n Kisses  - Grooming Salon & Daycare


If you work and have a hard time getting your dog to the groomers on your day off, you might like the convenience of our cageless grooming and     services. We offer your dog a
paw-ticularly relaxing cageless grooming experience combined with several hours of play time. You recieve one free hour of playtime for your pet(s) after we call to let you know they are done being groomed.

Our goal is to provide you and your pets with the BEST customer service, an extremely PEACEFUL grooming experience, and EXCEED your expectations for every appointment.

Every pet leaves with a seasonal PHOTO, a report card, treat bag and a bow or bandana.

At Kuts 'n Kisses we want our clients to not only enjoy their grooming but their time before and after as well. For some that means napping in one of our cozy dens behind the scenes where it's quiet. But for others it means lots and lots of play time!  That's why we opened our daycare.  It's perfect for those clients who play well with others, are spayed/neutered and up to date on their shots.  They can hang out and socialize before and after their grooming in this special play area.  All grooming customers receive 1 hr. of free playtime from the time that we call you after the groom.  After that it's only $12.00 a day. We bet they'll leave looking good AND feeling good after having had so much fun!
For those of you who just want their pups to have some playtime or don't want them home alone all day here are our     rates:
Hourly rate $5.00
We provide pet     when your pooch needs to get to daycare or grooming, but your life and schedule make this impossible. We are excited to offer this service to our customers.  It comes in so handy when you want to go out after work, or have a late work meeting, or any of the other many reasons people use this service! Pet    is available Monday through Friday.
Pick up $10 (10 mile radius) 
Drop off $10 (10 mile radius) 

 If you are not within 10 miles please contact us for the pet taxi price!